student go to study abroad today.

Why should a student go to study abroad today.?


A dream for some, a constraint for others, the fact remains that today going abroad has become a minimum requirement on the CV more than an advantage, for those wishing to occupy an important place within a company.What are your reasons for leaving ? What will be the benefits of this period spent in unknown territory? We are going to see the different advantages of going to study in a country other than your own. There are many of them, some are less obvious than others, but one thing is certain, going abroad is an enriching experience!

Learning a new language.?

First, and most obvious, on-site language learning . To hope to become bilingual, you have to practice, and what better than to be in the country of origin to speak and listen to this language? But don’t have any illusions, even on site,  it will take you well over 3 months before you are bilingual . Most people agree that one year on site by practicing regularly whether during class or outside of class (which is more difficult, all the more so if you find yourself in a French group) allows you to reach a good level in the chosen language. A one-year diploma is therefore a very good choice.

Concretely what are the advantages of learning a new language? On a professional level, this facilitates integration and ascent within the hierarchy , since the more you are in a position of responsibility, the more likely you are to need a language other than your mother tongue. , On a personal level, apart from the fact that it is always good to speak several languages, it can make it easier for you to travel and meet people from other countries. And in the best of cases, you can always leave to settle down and why not live in the country that has always attracted you, once you have learned the language.

A new culture to discover.?

Then comes the learning of another .if today globalization has made most cultures look alike, especially in Europe, each one despite everything keeps its specificities.

It can be interesting to see other ways of life, other organizations. This gives you a greater open-mindedness, and a more critical spirit on what is done in France, because you quickly realize that many things are better abroad but France also retains many strong points.

You will be able to give more strength to your arguments on all the events in France, whether political or cultural, because you will have points of comparison and examples from other countries!  for more information visit our travel blog .

An indicator of your grade level.?

And yes ! Going abroad can also show that you have a good academic level and good motivation. Indeed, foreign schools select on file, and depending on your stated motivation, bad files will systematically fall by the wayside given the demand on the market. But that doesn’t mean that average files don’t have a chance, far from it! Especially since some countries give more priority to professional experience than diplomas, even when selecting for a university. But for some schools an excellent academic level is essential!

In the end, we quickly realize that going to study abroad brings out significant advantages compared to someone who does not have this experience on the CV. It is therefore a Joker who will systematically make you go without the top of the ranking, whether for companies or the Grandes Ecoles if you wish to continue your studies afterwards.

You have to see this experience as a way to differentiate yourself from others and to distinguish yourself from the mass of students arriving each year on the job market.

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