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5 Drills to Improve Your Shooting Accuracy Using a Rebounding Net


The shooting machine basketball has helped many NBA players hone their shooting accuracy. The machine is fully automated equipment that comes with a rebounding net which helps catch the ball for quick retrievals. The shooting machine comes with multiple features that help enhance player training and drills. With this machine, many NBA and non-NBA teams have enhanced player development across their entire roster. Many players have reportedly improved their match-day tactics with the help of this machine. From Donovan Mitchell to Jason Tatum, the shooting machine is essential for accelerated shooting improvements. If you want to improve your shooting accuracy, we have provided these 5 drills to use on your rebounding net.

The rebounding net machine: 5 drills to help you improve your shooting accuracy

The spot-shooting routine

With your rebounder basketball machine, you can use this drill to enhance your shooting technique. It helps to improve your shooting consistency from chosen areas on the court. This drill involves choosing 5 random spits around the three-point line. It can also be done mid-range with the same results. Players are expected to take 10 shots each from a chosen spot. This drill helps you to focus on your shooting stamina as well as how you follow through with missed shots. The machine helps you to track your progress by recording makes and misses.

Catch-and-shoot drills

The automatic basketball return allows you to execute an off-the-pass shot in a way that makes Luka Doncic green with envy. To achieve this elite-level status, set your machine passes at a moderate tempo. Then you will need to place yourself at various locations around the arc. You can also try this practice from the mid-range. The machine shoots the ball to you and as it bounces towards you, quickly grabs it in a shooting posture. In one motion, quickly shoot the ball toward the basket. Repeat this routine to help enhance speed and accuracy.

Off-the-Dribble shots

If you aim to fly high like Ja Morant with off-the-dribble shots, then you are just this close to playing like him with the basketball shooter. You can set your machine to help you enhance your shots after having performed a smart dribbling trick. Simply program your machine to pass you the ball. Then catch the ball as it bounces to you. Next, you will need to make quick dribbling movements to any side of the court. This is to mimic you in the act of dribbling a player. You are then required to pull up and take a shot. Do you want to increase your versatility with this drill? Then try alternating between left and right dribbles and watch yourself perform magic on the court like Morant.

The free throw practice

The shooter basketball equipment works as an elaborate machine to help improve players’ free throw skills. With this machine, you can easily improve your consistency and accuracy when it comes to free throws. The machine helps you by simulating game-like scenarios for players to mentally and physically adapt to such conditions. You can program the free throw drill in 5 sets of 10 free throws. Drills can be varied according to training sessions and skill levels. It allows the player to focus on their concentration and the game routine. The automated basketball rebounder comes with a digital device that allows players to record and track their improvements over time.

Practicing your corner three-point shots

The basketball shooter also helps players practice their corner shooting technique for an easy three points. With the equipment, players get to increase their accuracy when it comes to shooting from that part of the court. This part of the court is usually closer to the basket and often open for players to try a three-point shot. The routine goes like this: players set the basketball machine to pass them the ball at that angle. This is possible with the touch of a few buttons.

They then assume a position on one of the corners and wait for the ball to be thrown their way. They can take 10 or more shots from both corners. This routine allows players to watch their shot mechanics as well as their footwork. Both corners are high-value spots and players take the drill to aim for very high scores.

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