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AccessiBe Talks About the Advantages of Web Accessibility for Business Websites


A business website is an invaluable tool to connect with the customer base and improve sales. Among other this, a business needs to make web accessibility when it comes to designing and developing a website.  A website has to be accessible to anyone, including people with distinctive types of disabilities. A business has to make sure that all their potential clients and customers are able to access, use, and explore their website effective, owing to which implementation of the standards of web accessibility is pretty vital. Businesses can always seek out the assistance of web accessibility companies like AccessiBe to create an accessible website.

Accessi Be discusses the need for having an accessible business website

A lot of business has ramps, handicap parking, compliant bathrooms, and such features on their premise to make sure that individual with disabilities does not face problems. A similar approach must be undertaken when designing and developing websites.  Having an accessible website is important for all businesses, no matter its size or type. These websites may help companies to avoid costly lawsuits, pass the ADA compliance audit, boost its brand awareness, and so on.

There are many people around the planet who experience situational, temporary, or permanent disability.  Their disabilities might affect their ability to use websites. Exploring websites often becomes a struggle for individuals having hearing and speech issues, vision problems, and other disabilities. Hence, for the visually impaired, a business must make sure that information featured on their web pages can be viewed through a screen reader.  On the other hand, people who are deaf can read the text of videos or sound bites through text transcripts. Adding a comment section on the website allows people with speech issues to interact with a brand without speaking. Such features can make a website more accessible to people with disabilities, thereby expanding its customer base. Web accessibility has also become imperative in keeping a business in compliance with diverse government regulations.

On the whole, website accessibility has multiple tangible benefits for a business. These benefits include:

  • Increases the customer base
  • Keeps the business ADA compliant
  • Helps in steering clear of any possible lawsuits under the ADA
  • Improving website rank in the search engine results
  • Boosting the conversion rate of the website
  • Creating happy, satisfied, and loyal customers
  • Elevating the performance of the website

All these benefits above can make a business stronger and contribute to its growth in the long run.  However, accessibility is not always easy to implement, particularly for small businesses that do not have large engineering teams. In many cases, small businesses do not even have access to their code. Some companies may have engineering resources but lack the education and know-how needed when it comes to implementing accessibility. AccessiBe can be of huge help to all such businesses. This company priorities the development of technological solutions that will help businesses to have accessible websites, regardless of their size, resources, developers, as well as budget. After all, web accessibility is a crucial culture shift for an inclusive society.

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