Partner Visa in Australia

Convincing Reasons to Apply for a Partner Visa in Australia


Partner Visas in Australia allow de facto or married (same or opposite sex) couples to step into and stay in Australia with their partner. In case you are in a committed, genuine type of relationship with a non-Australian and even if you are an Australian Citizen, Australian permanent resident, or even an eligible New Zealand Citizen, there are numerous options for you and your spouse under the partner visa program. You can take up guidance and help of a partner visa migration agent in Melbourne and ensure you get through the procedure smoothly.

If you are not really sure about moving to Australia through this partner visa, then this post is going to get you a good idea. Here are some reasons why you should take up a partner visa in Australia.

You get Access To Medicare

To apply for a partner visa is going to further mean that applicants are eligible to even enrol in Medicare as an application for that of permanent residency in Australia has been formed. Applicants require only provide the following to form up or establish their eligibility to enrol in Medicare:

  • Proper passport
  • Acknowledgement of the application received issued by the Department of Home Affairs
  • Bridging visa A grant type of notification that gets issued by the Department of Home Affairs

The application received acknowledgement, and bridging visa A grant notification automatically gets issued to an applicant’s migration agent when the application has been lodged. The migration agent then forwards these documents to simply the applicant and that would permit them to immediately enrol in Medicare and even access the numerous types of perks that are provided by the Australian healthcare system.

Charge of One Visa Application 

An application for a partner visa is going to be for both the temporary and even the permanent visa at the same time, meaning applicants get to pay only one government visa application charge for the two types of applications. In certain circumstances, applicants may be granted the permanent visa right away after the temporary visa relying on the nature of your relationship at the moment of lodgement. A registered migration agent can easily and effectively provide Partner visa help for applicants on their suitability to be granted the permanent visa in common with the temporary visa. Well, this will only take place if specific criteria are fulfilled when the application is lodged. It is necessary to seek partner visa assistance with an application in case you really are unsure as a migration agent could recognise that you are immediately qualified for the permanent visa, and this might reduce the waiting time by numerous months.

Endless Work Rights 

You know to apply for a partner visa overseas in Australia offers many benefits for applicants, specifically the ability to work unrestricted. Once the application for a specific partner visa has been made, you are going to be issued a bridging visa A that grants applicants endless work rights. To apply for a partner visa simply means that you are not restricted in your selection of employers, nor must you obey any obligations related to your duration of employment. This is mainly significant for the ones who are nearing the expiry of their temporary work visas that must comply with particular types of conditions needing them to just work in their nominated occupation for which the visa got granted.


To sum up, there is much that you get when you take up a partner visa in Australia. Once you start the procedure with the help of expert agents, you can be aware of all of them and much more.

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