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Essential Items You Must Have As A Horse Owner


It can be challenging to determine what equipment you require versus what would be good to have when you first start your journey into horse ownership.

We have compiled a list of necessities for all new horse owners. Let’s explore them.

1. Lead rope and head collar

It may seem obvious, but having a lead line and head collar is crucial. Work ahead and determine the exact size to ensure you have the ideal fit. There’s a wide variety of colors and designs, so you may choose the one that works best for you and your new horse.

2. Rug

There is no right or wrong way to rug, although everyone has their preferences. To get you started, youshould have a few options for rugs depending on the weather. A medium or heavy turnout can be excellent in the winter, a light turnout in the spring, and a mesh rug in the summer. There is a wide range of rugs in various styles, dimensions, and pricing ranges.

3. Saddle

Purchasing a saddle that fits you and your horse is crucial if you don’t already have one. Saddles that don’t fit properly lead to wounds, aches, and behavioral issues. Consider asking a certified saddle fitter if you lack experience fitting a saddle on a horse.

4. Saddle pad

Your saddle type and riding style should be considered when choosing a saddle pad. Every horse has varied needs, and various disciplines use different pads. For instance, the saddle might slip on a horse with a “mutton withered” (low wither) wither. This can be resolved by using a gel saddle horse pad together with the right kind of cinch. On the other hand, a saddle pad with a cut-out that prevents rubbing may be advantageous for a horse with a high wither.

5. Turn out blankets/rain sheet/fly sheet

Depending on where your horse spends most of its time and the climate where you reside, you may require one of these. Even though not all horses require pony blankets in the winter, it’s a good idea to keep one on hand, just in case. Nothing is worse than a chilly, rainy storm that leaves your horse freezing and leaves you without a blanket to cover them with.

Use a waterproof horse sheet to shield your horse from wind and rain. Additionally, it helps keep your horse clean before contests or shows.

Some horses require fly sheets. There are flies everywhere there is manure. Although they annoy dark horses more than light ones, these sheets also provide UV protection, making them useful for protecting light-colored horses from sunburn.

6. First aid kit

A basic first aid kit is essential to be prepared to treat any cuts or wounds as they occur. Horses frequently injure themselves.

They can bite each other so forcefully in a herd that skin can be broken. Barbed wire fences are renowned for being leaned on by horses who want to eat the grass on the other side. They’ll inevitably end up with numerous little wounds and nicks from this, which you must clean up.

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