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How Cerakote Offers Distinct Advantages Over Other Finishes?


Introduction to cerakoting a gun:

Cerakote is the preferred finishing process of many manufacturer and retailer. Cerakote has been adopted as a durable, quality finish for firearms because of its unique properties that make it easy to maintain and also protects against corrosion, rusting, staining and damage from chemicals. This product was developed back in 2006 by a small business owner who had an idea for an environmentally friendly coating system which is applied without any harmful volatile organic compounds. In recent years, Cerakote has gained a lot of popularity within the industry due to its unique properties and durability. 

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a type of firearm coating that is applied to the metal surfaces to give it an aesthetic, protective and more importantly a durable finish. It does not just function as a paint or varnish that eventually wears off but rather as an actual ceramic coating which provides protection from scratches, damage from chemicals and even prevents against corrosion and rusting. There are two different types of Cerakotes: thermoset and thermoplastic. The former hardens into place while the latter dries when heated at high temperatures.

Cerakote has seen wide acceptance in many sectors. Its durability has made it ideal for use on firearms due its ability to withstand the tough conditions on the field without wearing off.

Significance of Cerakote:

Cerakote is a revolutionary product that offers distinct advantages over other types of coatings. The following are some of the reasons why manufacturers, retailers and consumers are glad to embrace it:

Cerakote provides good adhesion properties because it is applied as a single-component coating system which provides exceptional bonding efficiency in comparison to multi-component paints and lacquers. Ceracote maintains its hardness which ensures that it does not deform in high temperatures and also provides resistance against chipping, cracking and peeling. In addition, this coating does not flake or rub off, but rather offers permanent protection for your firearm.

Cerakote benefits the environment as the coating’s polymer binder is derived from plants and it offers low VOC emissions. The product is also free of harmful volatile organic compounds and other toxic components.

The durability of this product has made it a popular choice among users and gunsmiths, who have come to appreciate Cerakote’s properties such as its hardening quality that makes it resistant to chipping and peeling. Another advantage of this coating is that there is no need to polish or sand the metal surface after application. Plus, there are no restrictions on its use such as prohibited states when you may not apply this product on firearms.

In contrast to other coatings that are susceptible to chipping, cracking and peeling, Cerakote is very durable. In addition to its resistance against chipping, cracking and peeling, this product also provides protection from scratches, damage from chemicals and even prevents corrosion and rusting. Cerakote has a number of benefits which make it a popular option among firearm owners.

Conclusion on cerakoting a gun:

Cerakote offers you an effective and durable finish for your firearms without the use of toxic solvents. It is a unique coating that protects against corrosion, damage from chemicals and also provides a corrosion-resistant end product which ensures performance over dependable protection. This product is ideal for long-lasting, reliable performance and durability. With the wide acceptance of this product, it has also found a place in the firearm industry due to its ability to provide effective protection without damaging the metal surfaces.  It uses new chemical technologies which are available today and offers long-lasting protection for your firearms. Because of its high performance, it is one of the most commonly used finishes in many manufacturing houses, retailers and firearm enthusiasts across America. In addition, this product is environmentally friendly and offers corrosion resistance to your firearms.

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