Essay Topics for Kids

How to Choose Essay Topics for Kids


As kids start going to school, one of the main assignments that they can never escape is essay writing. Though writing essays is an important part of their learning, many of us get stuck on how to choose the right essay topics for kids. To help them develop their vocabulary, imagination and creativity, we must make essay writing a part of their daily activities. Tossing them a book and pencil and simply asking them to write on a given topic will not prove effective. So, let us see how we can inspire them to write by giving them the ideal topics for essays.

It is best to start with an easy essay topic so that it will build their interest in writing more essays. But if your children are already familiar with essay writing, give them innovative and informative topics like essay on freedom fighters, environmental pollution essay, essay on Diwali or Gandhi Jayanti essay. Despite the complexity of the topics you give, the ultimate aim is to develop their interest and skills in writing. So, let us find out apt topics for each age group and make them experience the joy of writing.

Topics for Essay Writing

The most basic sentences that children write in their early years of school would be ‘I love my family,’ ‘I come from Bangalore,’ or ‘I have a cat as my pet.’ Since they tend to describe something in their own words, it would be best if we give descriptive topics like My Home, My Best Friend, My Favourite Book, My Mother/Father etc., for essay writing. As children will be already familiar with such topics, it will be easy for them to organise their thoughts and ideas and thus come up with a beautiful essay.

As they climb a grade higher, let us also make changes to the essay topics that we give them for writing. By giving narrative topics like My Last Holiday, The First Day of My School, My Birthday Party, The Happiest Moment in My Life etc., children will be able to craft a story based on their experiences, thus paving the way for an engaging essay.

There is also another category of informative and argumentative essays, which children can practise while they reach higher classes. Informative essays simply give out some information about the topic. Examples include an essay on freedom fighters, pollution essay, waste management essay etc. On the other hand, argumentative essays will empower them to bring out their point to light and substantiate their views on it. Children will have to engage in outside research for writing argumentative essays on topics like ‘Should Plastic be Banned?’ ‘Harmful Effects of Mobiles on Children,’ and ‘Is Smoking Injurious to Health?’ In this way, we can encourage our kids to write essays. Also, remember to modify the essay topics as per the grade in which they are studying.

Importance of Essay Writing

Essay writing is part and parcel of school life, and the earlier children get used to writing it, the faster they will be able to improve their overall writing skills. Most kids consider essay writing to be a waste of time, but we will discuss how important it is to give diverse essay topics to children. Along with enhancing their research and critical thinking skills, essay writing will positively impact the intellectual development of children. They will be aware of many things that happen around them by writing essays.

As essay writing will open a new world of ideas and thoughts to children, we must introduce it to them at an early age itself. By starting from easy essay topics, we can slowly develop their interest and thus give way for them to learn to write essays on complex topics. BYJU’S learning tools will be a great aid to building the language of children and let us impact their learning with innovative resources.

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