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Reasons to Study In Ireland For Indian Student


Many youngsters and college graduates dream of studying abroad to experience culture, values, and traditionsand meet people different from their own.The number of Indian students going abroad for higher studies has also increased in the past few decades in search of better employment opportunities, practical learning methods, and world-class education.

With its old European charmand availability of a wide variety of courses in the English language, Ireland has emerged as one of the most popular destinations abroad among international students. So, if you are planning to move abroad for education, the list below mentions four reasons to study in Ireland for Indian students.

Higher employability rate

The employment rate of a country represents its economic state, as it gives a better idea about the number of working and unemployed people in that country. A country with a higher employability rate utilizes the labor force much more effectively than one with a low employability rate.

With an employability rate of over 80 percent, Ireland sits among the top countries in the world with the highest job opportunities.The Irish economy is one of the strongest in Europe and provides excellent careeropportunities for international students.Degrees from Irish universities are globally recognized, and they also provide ample research opportunities to international students to boost their career growth.

Wide variety of courses available

The academic curriculum in Ireland is not limited to a particular field. The universities from Ireland provide more than 5000 courses, ranging from science, technology, agriculture, business, psychology, medicine, engineering, aerospace, agribusiness, trade, commerce, history, literature, sociology, and so on, to choose from. Ireland is a hubof the major multinational companies of the world and provides excellent career opportunities in the field of science and tech. It is also home to some of the world’s best museums and art galleries and gives equal career opportunities for students with creative minds.

Affordable tuition fee

Unlike other parts of Europe, Ireland provides world-class education, a vibrant campus, and a diverse learning environment under a fair tuition fee. Managing tuition expenses is the most challenging part of studying abroad. Ireland is home to exceptional colleges and universities having a vast range of study programs in Ireland for Indian students with an affordable education fees. Besides the low academic fee, Ireland also has affordable housing for international students. Students can also take up part-time positions at various cafes and restaurants to manage their living expenses.

Learn in a diverse environment

Apart from an excellent academic curriculum, Ireland is culturally rich in terms of food, traditions,and social environment.Introduction to Irish culture will help students widen their worldview. Respecting multiple cultures and developing professional and personal cross-cultural relationships will help them gain a new perspective on life. Meeting new people and learning about their experiences, traditions, and upbringing will help you become more sensitive towardother people.International students get to learn so much more than just their academic curriculum through multiple fests, events, and meetings organized by the universities in Irela

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