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Usage of Project Time Tracking Software for SMBs in 2023


According to Forbes, nine out of every 10 companies fail, with one failing within the first year of business. This data shows how fragile startups and small firms are in terms of endurance and resilience.

There are several reasons why small enterprises need help to make their impression in the commercial world. In the brief trip of a small firm or a startup, a lack of capital, endless liabilities, and a slew of other problems are audible.

Productivity is one of the causes that is hidden by our ignorance. Because productivity is a nebulous and elusive concept, small business owners are hesitant to assess the efficiency they achieve. They have no control over the situation.

Why is Project Time Tracking Software Important for Small Businesses?

Project time tracking software may be used to track the performance time of employees in a company. It’s easy to describe, yet time-tracking software can go for kilometers. The current boom in time tracking and productivity software is making it easier for business owners to keep track of their employee’s actions. A company in its early stages may have many eager employees.

The issue is that passion does not necessarily translate into output. A startup’s business owner may notice that individuals are working hard, but determining the effectiveness of the labor is difficult.

Assume you hired a virtual assistants team headquartered in the Philippines or a Fiverr solo VA for your company. What is the first thing that springs to mind? How do you maintain track of your remote employee’s or virtual assistant’s working hours?

You now have significantly more control over your staff and overall productivity thanks to time monitoring software. You can examine, assess, and compare the results, allowing you to establish a performance standard in your business. That is how you will attain long-term growth.

Time Tracking Software Advantages for Small Businesses

Time monitoring software may be quite beneficial to a small firm. As a small business or startup owner, here are 15 benefits to using professional time-tracking software.

There will be no more micromanagement through project management time tracking software:

Project management time tracking software is a serious problem in many small enterprises and corporations when managers are overly meticulous depending on the available facts. They strive to find out everything about an employee, and it often feels like they are spying on them.

Employees working in a workplace where micromanagement is popular do not have much flexibility. Managers can use time monitoring software to remotely monitor an employee’s performance, which can then be reviewed afterward.

Maintain Time Tracking:

It is not difficult to understand that time tracking software records time! Time tracking software can give you a wealth of choices for measuring employee performance in your business, but the first thing that comes to mind is that it measures time!

It enables you to examine how much time your staff devotes to each project and job to which they are assigned. It provides you with accurate insight into their individual and team performance and assists you in developing a yardstick to measure, compare, and contrast.

Task Management Versatility:

It is now quite simple to assign assignments and time to employees using time tracking software. Chore management has always been a difficult duty for managers, but tracking software frequently includes this option to help you split the task most effectively. The separation of functions makes the task more accessible and adaptable.

New Organizational Discipline:

Once the company has evolved into a small firm, it needs several distinguishing characteristics in order to explore and thrive. Work ethic and culture must be developed and reinforced with new discipline and office regulations.

Time-tracking software makes your staff visible and accountable for their work while also measuring their performance. It ensures that your staff is more focused and disciplined at work. Practicing this standard might assist your company to develop and establish itself as a disciplined line of business.

Examine Employee Productivity:

Working hard does not always imply high production. Productivity and efficiency are challenging phrases that laypeople may misinterpret. A time monitoring software provides the activity and non-activity time ratio to calculate your employees’ productivity. It provides you with an exact assessment of how productive they are at work.

Encouragement to Continue the Good Work:

The activity/non-activity ratio displayed by your time monitoring software might motivate your staff to maintain their efficiency. Numbers and statistics are intriguing subjects. Unless they are your utility bill or home bills, you like seeing them rise.

Employees will keep an eye on the time tracking software put on their devices while working. A timer will remind them of how long they have been working. It will display the productivity % to them. These statistics might motivate them to work harder and for longer periods of time.

Payroll Connectivity:

Because workers’ working hours are accurately documented, combining their performance with the payroll function of your time-tracking software may greatly decrease HR’s agony. There will be no uncertainty regarding employee payment because your program has already monitored your employees’ working hours and prepared payroll.

Spend less time billing clients:

Billing customers, both project and hourly, has always been difficult. However, when you use time tracking software, you have no problems. As you are aware, chargeable working hours or project billing will not be difficult to implement.

HR has less work to do:

Your company’s human resources manager handles several tedious tasks that time monitoring software may replace. The days of HR calling everyone to take attendance are long gone. In today’s technology-driven corporate environment, HR must take a minimalist approach to make things work for the corporation.

Time tracking software might include features such as a timesheet calculator, activity reports, payroll, job management, and even geofence time and attendance! So that’s how you relieve your HR department’s workload!

Encourage a Feeling of Accountability

Almost all of your workers’ activities will be tracked when they log into the time-tracking software you purchased for your company. This will help individuals hold themselves accountable for their behavior. The program does not micromanage the staff, but it does monitor whether they are exposing themselves to any formal vulnerability. The lack of a supervisory body may allow people to speak with pals or watch Netflix during workplace hours. However, clever time tracking software can deter them from doing so. It instills a sense of responsibility in everyone.

Transparency in the Workplace:

Transparency has always been a concern in the modern workplace, where some malpractices include corruption, dodginess, and carelessness. Time monitoring software can take care of this properly.

The tools available in sophisticated time monitoring software would call everything into question, and those involved should be prepared to respond. There is no room for mistakes, and your workplace is as clear as clean water.

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