reliable cars.

What are the most reliable cars.?


What was the most trusted car brand in 2019? Last year is not very positive regarding breakdowns, as many testimonials denounce, indicates AutoPlus . The cause would be linked to serious epidemics affecting the best sellers on the market. For the three models at the bottom of the ranking, their reliability may seem catastrophic, but an increase can still be observed in recent years. Nissan is ranked 20th with reliability still considered very low. Its models suffer from rapid wear of the clutch, turbo breakage, or oil consumption concerns of the 1.2 DIG-T.?

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The same top three this year.?

Audi is ranked 19th, but has an upward trend. The models are sometimes victims of water pump damage from 50,000 km. However, models less than 5 years old are in better health allowing the French manufacturer to hope for better for the year 2020. Fiat is in 18th position in the ranking with a downward trend. The Italian manufacturer lost four ranks for the second consecutive year. The gearbox suffers from shortcomings, as does the clutch, but more rarely, indicates Auto Plus.

To achieve this ranking, Auto Plus initially counted several thousand e-mails and letters received from French motorists last year. The magazine then correlated testimonials of breakdowns on models released since 2012 with sales of new vehicles over the same period. For each brand, a “number of breakdowns/number of vehicles put into circulation” ratio was thus obtained over the last eight years. There are no big surprises this year, since the top three are the same as in 2018. You can find out in the slideshow at the top of the article. You can also see where the make of your car is…

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