weirdest places in the world

Micronations, journey through the weirdest places in the world


Since the birth of modern society, some men have felt the need to counter the rules imposed by social, political and economic life and to appropriate a piece of land where they could express themselves freely and decide for themselves the organization most appropriate to their needs and beliefs.

Some of these men, visionaries , eccentric idealists , succeeded in their project, the founding of “kingdoms” , often so strange that they do not seem real. These micro-nations, small or even very small territories, would like to be (but are not) considered as independent states.

The term micronation , coined in the 1970s to define self-proclaimed, pirate, or anti-conformist entities popping up all over the world, now includes fifty improbable, fabulous, sometimes almost ridiculous “states” , but each with a curious history deserving to be told  travel the world best tourist destinations .

Kingdom of Talossa

King Robert I or rather Robert Ben Madison, was 14 years old when he decided to found this micronation in Wisconsin. It was in 1979. The territory included the space adjoining Madison’s room, but over time (especially after 1995, the year the adjoining website opened) the area and the number of inhabitants increased by 200 ” cybercits” (name given to new citizens). The current king is John I (John Woolley), elected by referendum in 2007 and the national anthem is called the “Chirluscha àl Glheþ” (Ode to the Talossana language); Talossano (Gallo-Romance language) is the official language, but for the majority of communications, English is used.

The Republic of Saugeais

This Republic was born in 1947, from a joke between a hotel in the region of Saugeais in France, near the Swiss border, and a prefect who was passing by. it covers an area of ​​128 km and includes 11 municipalities including the capital Montbenoît . It is said that at this time, the prefect of Doubs visited Montbenoît and stayed at the Hôtel Abbey, property of Georges Pourchet. The latter asked the prefect if he had a permit to enter the Republic of Saugeais, explaining that he founded it and proclaimed himself president. The current president is Georgette Pourchet-Bertin and the Republic also has a television and a football team, whose colors are yellow and black.

4 km from the Israeli city of Nahariya, the holy man Avivi decided to create his pacifist hippie republic. But the beautiful Mediterranean beach transformed into a tourist destination upset the wild atmosphere ¡sought by its founder.

The Free Republic of Alcatraz (2008)

A republic which has reduced its energy consumption and the elimination of its waste by 90%, and which produces more energy than it consumes” , says the founding treaty of this entity, which has 193 inhabitants. and established its headquarters in Gubbio, Umbria. It was born from an idea of ​​Jacopo Fo, son of Darius, of an ecovillage filled with works of art of all kinds, and where you can try strange classes, such as ass-therapy, crazy yoga or ethological taming of the horse. A curiosity:. the next World Conference on Micronations, Pollination, will be held at Alcatraz on July 19, 2014.

Defined by the New York Times as the “most imaginative place in the world “, this micronation was founded in 1987 and has “property” scattered across the world, in addition to a colony on Mars, on the northern hemisphere of Pluto and on an imaginary planet called Verden. To become a citizen, all you need is a great sense of humor, a love of fantasy, and a passion for absurd events and celebrations. Some examples? Dog-Biscuit Appreciation Day Scavenger Hunt Procratinator Day” (January 2). Its flag is recognizable thanks to its smiley.

The Republic of Molossia

If you’re crossing the desert from Reno, Nevada, you might see a strange sign: the arrows pointing to the United States on one side and the Republic of Molossia on the other. What is that? A large micronation of only 2.5 hectares, founded by its president Kevin Baugh in 1977. In operation for more than 30 years, reigns a population of only 6 inhabitants, who however also have a post office and their own currency representing the first lady. If you visit it, the President can entertain you by telling you about the various conflicts of Molossia, such as the Dead Dog war and the war with Mustachistan, and if you are lucky you can also participate in the Molossiano space program by launching a rocket on pressure!

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