When Hiring A Coffee Cart

Quick Things To Look Out For When Hiring A Coffee Cart


When you are aware that going for a coffee cart will help to boost guests’ experience and make your event a huger success, you may probably start to source for a coffee caterer. On top of finding a coffee cart caterer who serves coffee using beans that get ground just when a beverage gets ordered and brewed fresh in front of your visitors or guests, your coffee caterer must also accomplish the requirements of your event. Of course, if you seek something really premium you can consider mobile coffee cart hire at woofemdown.com.au and have a contenting experience.

Anyhow, since you are definite that you are going to have coffee as a part of your next function or event; here are a few important things you should look out for when you are hiring a coffee cart caterer.

Number of coffee guests

Before you even contact any coffee cart caterers, you should have a rough type of clue of the following:

  • Number of expected guests at your function or event
  • How quickly do you wish your guests to get served?
  • An approximation of the number of guests who may be lining up for coffee at any single time. You can actually estimate such a thing based on how your event will be organised.

Location of coffee cart

Once you have ironed out the final details, you must decide on where you must keep or position the coffee cart. Of course, the location must allow your guests to simply get easy access to their freshly brewed cup of coffee while preventing congestion at your function or event.

Similarly, make sure that the below given things are available for your coffee caterer:

  • A proper powerpoint
  • A good water source

By putting up your coffee cart close to a PowerPoint and water source, the baristas will be in a position to stay close to their machinery at all times and serve your guests when they need to be. After all, these baristas don’t simply serve the coffee, they prepare customised coffee as per the specific needs of different customers.

Check the menu

Will all of your guests be going to be coffee lovers? Well, it is not always the case. Are you looking forward to impressing this group of guests as well? If so, check if your coffee cart can offer a flexible type of drinks menu. Of course, on top of the usual type of coffee beverages like espressos, latte, cappuccino, americanos, what else do they actually serve? Find out if they are in a position to accommodate guests who actually prefer tea, or guests who just like to go for non-caffeinated drinks.

Apart from all the beverages and drinks, you must consider if the coffee cart also serves different snacks too? Remember that the coffee cart service you hire should be able to offer a recommendation of finger food that actually sits well with a cup of coffee.


To sum up, since you are all set to have your event in the coming weeks, make sure that you hire a good coffee cart service now after reading all these factors!

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