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Paul Favret Marks a Few Reasons Why People Should Consider Switching to Solar Energy


Solar power has gained a considerable popularity across the world in the last decade or so. Paul Favret mentions that one of the biggest reasons why people use solar energy is that it is a sustainable energy source. By using solar power, people will not be consuming resources that their future generations may need. At the same time, they are also reducing the impact of their energy use on the environment. Hence, it is a clear win-win situation.

Paul Favret sheds light on the reasons that make switching to solar power a good idea

The most widely known fact about solar power is that it represents a green, clean energy source. Switching to solar power can be a great way to cut down the carbon footprint. Solar power does not pollute the environment unlike many other energy sources. It does not release any greenhouse gases. Apart from requiring a source of clean water to function, to other resource is required by solar power. Hence, it is highly environmentally friendly. Solar power is self-sufficient. Choosing to install solar panels on the roof can be a simple way to contribute to a sustainable future for a homeowner.

Solar power panels traditionally were quite expensive. But things have changed a lot over the years. Solar power purchase and installation are relatively budget-friendly for many today. The reduction in the cost of solar panels serves as a great example of why now is the great time to increase the use of solar power. Traditional electricity depended heavily on fossil fuels like natural gas and coal. Not only they are limited resources, but fossil fuels also cause great harm to the environment. The fossil fuel market is also quite volatile, owing to which energy prices alter throughout the day.  Solar electricity helps in boosting the electricity independence. By making their home fully solar powered, one can actually protect themselves against unpredictable increases in utility prices. This helps them to enjoy cheap electricity throughout the entire day. After all, the sun shall never charge rates to shine on the sky.  Once a person has solar panels up on their roof, they have technically reached an energy-independent status. Solar battery storage systems can even aid in storing electricity for nighttime and rainy days. There are also are other ways to use solar energy at home that have a lower barrier to entry instead of solar panels. For instance, solar water heaters do work in a similar manner as solar panels. But they are much less expensive to install than full solar panel systems.

Paul Favret also underlines the low maintenance aspect of solar panels. After installing solar panels, one would not have to give them much thought. Depending on their location, the most work a homeowner has to do is to brush the solar panels off from time to time. This has to be done as branches and leaves often accumulate on the top of the panels. On the whole, switching to solar power can be quite a smart move for almost any homeowner.

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