Revature Points Out Certain Tell-tale Signs of

Revature Points Out Certain Tell-tale Signs of Post-Grad Life


Being an adult is not an easy task. One goes from studying late at night in college to pushing resumes and listing references in the real world. There are several tell-tale signs of post-grad life that a lot of people are likely to recognize. After all, life after college looks similar for many, as they try to land their very first job. Getting a job without any experience, however, can be extremely difficult. In this situation, it will be smart for new tech graduates to seek out the assistance of Revature. This company provides employer-paid training, and equips candidates with the experience and coding knowledge they need to launch their tech careers.

Revature talks about the experiences one may go through after their graduation

One of the key signs of a post-grad life is coming across entry-level jobs that require 2-3 years of experience. After graduation, it is obvious that most people look for employment. But the impossible expectations that some of the entry-level job descriptions have today can be quite daunting. Somehow, in order to get their first job, one requires experience. But there is no way to gain experience till a person lands their first job. Amidst this complexity, many fresh graduates even end up questioning what exactly they should do with their diploma. It is not necessary that a person follows a career path that aligns with the subject they have majored in. Fresh graduates are likely to have multiple transferable skills, and can explore career options that they may not have a degree in, but are passionate about.

Life after graduation can be scary and confusing. But one can surely succeed if they have the right assistance. Graduates interested in the tech field should particularly consider seeking out the assistance of Revature. This company can help them to build their skills, get a rewarding tech job, and equip them with the capabilities needed to have a fulfilling career.

To get a good job, many graduates also bent the truth a little on their resume. For example, they may embellish a little bit and include skills like “highly proficient in Excel and Word”. Till they get hired, it would be prudent for candidates to hone these skills in reality, so that they effectively showcase them during the interview, if necessary.

Life after graduation marks the end of hurrying to college every morning to attend the morning lecture. As people get more free time on their hand, they are often recommended to travel more. It is common for people to think that it will be extremely easy for a recent grad to travel. But in reality, they have to deal with student loans and other expenses, which make spending money on travel an unfeasible option.

Rather than making travel bookings, recent graduates are likely to spend a good amount of their time on websites like Linked in, Glass door, and Indeed. These websites become their key social network for professional connections. Recent graduates constantly update their professional profiles, check their inboxes and reach out to recruiters, to find the right job.

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