Fatigue and Its Causes

What Is Fatigue and Its Causes?


The true meaning of words like tiredness, fatigue, lack of energy, and REM sleep has completely been twisted in this modern age and time. With more and more individuals succumbing to their irregular but demanding corporate culture, reasons for fatigue have alarmingly increased. 

Today, exhaustion or fatigue has become a public health issue that has not only affected the aged strata but especially drained the millennials in fact. The younger generation has become much more prone to getting tired in lesser time due to many reasons like sleep deprivation, lack of nutritional diet, etc. 

A general feeling of exhaustion or lack of activation is referred to as fatigue. It is quite different from simply experiencing drowsiness or sleepiness.You lack energy and motivation when you are exhausted which is pretty common these days. Although being tired can be a sign of fatigue, it is not the same thing usually. 

Common Reasons Of Fatigue

It may be common to feel tired at some point in a day but having that same feeling every time may mean that one is suffering from chronic fatigue. Not only it could rupture your ability to spend a quality day but also affect your overall health conditions. Let’s explore a few underlying causes of fatigue in the youth – 

  • Lack of quality sleep – An uninterrupted sleep routine is quite imperative for people from all walks of life. Not getting enough sleep could put an individual in the risk of chronic health ailments and could possibly affect critical functions that are performed by the human brain. A blend of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep and Non-REM sleep is crucial for an adult to abstain fatigue and get optimal sleep benefits. 
  • Nutrition Deficiency – Lack of intake of vitamins and minerals could also lead to a chronic fatigue situation. Deficiencies in vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium are quite common in adults due to their irregular and unhealthy nourishment intake. An unsolicited instance of fatigue must be addressed via a possible diagnosis from an expert nutritionist. 
  • Stress, Tension or Suffering – Although a little stress works as a profound motivation for many people, chronic stress and tension could harm your mental peace and develop psychological symptops like anxiety, restlessness, frequent anger outburst, etc. Managing your stress can help you avoid constant fatigue completely, even if you can’t avoid stressful situations, especially those involving work or family obligations.
  • Extreme medical contidions – Constant fatigue can also associated with an emerging serious ailment that you might have not had symptoms of yet. Diseases like cancer, sleep apnea, diabetes, depression, stress and anxiety disorders may cause extreme fatigue and exhaustion. So if you feel always tired, it is suggested to get a diagnostics done to clear the apprehension on your symptoms. 
  • Diet – The way you feel is significantly influenced by your diet. It is necessary to eat a well-balanced diet that is high in nutrient-dense food items so as to maintain sufficient energy and carry out essential processes in a day. Eating less, or eating foods that are extremely processed and lack basic nutrients, can result in nutrient and calorie deficiencies, which can make you feel exhausted or nauseated. 
  • Obesity – People who suffer from extreme weight are often more prone to chronic fatigue and other illnesses. Having that said, obesity significantly raises the likelihood of developing obstructive sleep apnea, a common reason for daytime fatigue. Regardless, it is also linked to increased daytime sleepiness, suggesting that obesity directly affects the sleep cycle and makes you sleep more instead of being active throughout the day. 


If you think you’re among those battling the symptoms of chronic fatigue, then visiting a health restoration clinic is absolutely a suggestion! With advanced medical tools and expertise, they are the right people to help you on your path of a healthy journey. Consider talking to an expert regarding your health, potential symptoms and acquire a remedial action plan today!

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