The Ultimate Guide To Getting Quality Plywood


Furniture does add an extra element to your house but can also be very hectic when it comes to its strength and durability. The base and core of the furniture should be strong and of good quality in order to make them durable. Nowadays, with a lot of plywood available in the market, it is necessary to understand which is the best quality plywood that would serve you for a longer period of time. Plywood comes in different weight, length sizes, but in order to get the desired look and strength, a few basic things are important to keep in mind.

Here are a few basic points to look in good Quality Plywood

A-Grade Plywood:

These plywood are known to be of the highest quality plywood available. The great feature is its Quality Grade among all the types of plywood available in the market. It is the best quality plywood with a smooth surface. It also provides a repaired synthetic surface so that veneer can be easily applied to it. If you wish to use the best quality plywoodfor your house, A-Grade plywood tops the list.

ISI mark:

Any plywood that passes a good quality plywood test is certified by the ISI markand also has a CML number under the mark. Every manufacturer of plywood has a unique number which can also help in the identification of the manufacturer. The ISI marks the quality of the plywood and makes it one of the best choices to be used in your house.

Types of Plywood available:

There are multiple choices in plywood available in the market for you. Commercial grade plywood is suggested for interior use, water resistance or waterproof plywood is suggested for exterior use, and marine plywood Is the highest grade plywood available that is used for the construction of water vehicles. Here is a brief description of these plywoods:

Commercial Grade Plywood: commercial grade plywood was suggested to be used inside the house to elevate the interior and build cabinets and other furniture in the house. This plywood is a combination of soft and hard timber and other species of wood.

Boiling Water-resistance (BWR)/Boiling Waterproof (BWP) Plywood:

Water-resistant or waterproof plywood is ideal for exterior window paneling and balcony furniture. It allows you to enjoy the rainy season with hot cocoa without having to worry about tiny raindrops and moisture getting on your furniture. This plywood is known to resist moisture and is durable for a longer period. These are known to be made up of phenolic resin, which makes them adequately waterproof.

Marine plywood: marine plywood is the ultimate quality of plywood that is used to build water vehicles, and this plywood price is much higher than the rest of the plywood available in the market because of its superior quality.

Identification of best plywood:

It’s not always true that branded plywood will serve you with the best plywood quality. You can look for the following factors to identify good quality plywood:

  • According to its use, know where you are going to use the plywood and then choose between water resistance or commercial plywood.
  • It is suggested to buy plywood from a big wholesaler since they have the ability to identify the quality of plywood and differentiate it from the others.
  • Never buy any plywood which does not come with an ISI mark.
  • Always knock and check the quality of the plywood and ensure that it is not hollow from the inside.
  • Go for heavy plywood since it can carry heavy density.
  • The plywood surface should be properly sanded and finished so that there are no rough edges.


To maintain the strength and duration of the furniture of your house, it is suggested to use the best plywood for furniture. CenturyPly plywood has a variety of plywood that you can choose from for any purpose. This article can help you identify good-quality plywood before you opt for one.

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