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Wondering How To Make Your Candle Labels Rock? Read This!


A candle label means a lot of things. It holds essential information about fire safety and the perfect use of products. So, a candle label carries information that is useful for your customers. You may have your website ready and arrange suppliers for your products. The essential thing is to design your candle label. Missing information may cause the breaching of the rules mentioned in the Fair Packaging and Labelling Act (FPLA). 

Many candle makers want to know whether there is legal permission to sell homemade candles or not. As long as they maintain the law associated with candles, they can sell their products. Here, you will get much-needed information that will clear your all doubts and help you design rocking candle labels for your business.

FPLA has mentioned several types of labels and packaging. Here, we leave the information about the outer container that is known as the package. These details will be discussed in other blogs. Here, you will learn about the primary label and safety label.

Primary label:

This type of label comes up with the candle, and it includes the right information. Follow the rules mentioned in the Fair Packaging and Labelling Act for designing the label. It sets a standard to protect customers from unlawful marketers that use cheap products in making labels. When you follow all standards, your customers also respect your work. 

Add all details mentioned below to your label attached to the candle:

  • Wax type: the common choices are soy wax, natural beeswax, palm wax, gel, and more.
  • Candle weight: mention it in milliliters, grams, ounces, and more.
  • Where it was made: the place of manufacturing
  • How it was made: the process of making candles. Whether it is a hand-poured soy candle or contains essential or not.
  • Burn time: how long your candles take to burn.

Safety Label:

Each candle must have a warning label or tag about fire safety. Manufacturers can use their instructions that mention the proper burning rule of a candle. When you are adding information to the safety label, it must include information like reducing the wick, keeping the candle away from inflammable and foreign material, the best surfaces to burn the candle on, and the maximum time a candle takes to burn. 

Check the best candle label material:

If you go by the recommendation of the National Candle Association, you must use a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) self-adhesive label that resists the heat. 

No matter what purpose you sell your candles, the labels must tolerate the heat. Alongside, you must keep the label attractive, which represents your brand meaningfully. Your label stays with your candles. So, you must make your label heat and temperature-resistant. Remember that when you choose the right material for your candle label, it will look great till the end of your candle. 

Here, you need to decide where you want to put the label – on the candle itself or on the container. If you are starting your journey, you can keep the label on the container. A label is very hard to attach to the candle, and it is a fire hazard also. You need to think about the wax material before choosing the material for your candle. 

The shape of the candle label:

When you are thinking about the shape of the label, the common options are square and oval. They look perfect on the classic cylindrical candle jar. You can even choose a customized option that highlights your business goals. Triangle-shaped candle labels can give your brand a unique identity. Choose personalized labels that will give more information. 

Consider these factors to customize your label:

Measure your candle:

Use a paper ruler to measure the space of your label on the candle. Add the measurement to the design of your candle. 

Test the shape of the label:

Before sending the final shape of the label, you can test the design by printing different shapes and applying each of them to your candle. Find out which one looks awesome and send it for the final printing. 

Create a template:

You can mark the label using a piece of paper. Mark the area to attach your label. Cut the paper in the shape of the label. It will help you take the right measurement for your label.

Use any option to measure your label as there is nothing right or wrong in all these procedures.

Textures and non-textured candle labels are other things to consider. Textured labels will work great if people choose candles for a romantic dinner or for relaxation. 

So, design your label in such a way that it reflects your brand identity. If you are searching for the best solution for designing and printing your candle labels, you can contact EnvironPrint. The company uses high-quality material that does not cause any damage to the environment. Your customer will also feel very happy about such a good initiative. Visit them for more details. 

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